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Khanquah Mujeebia

The founder of Khanquah Mujeebia, Phulwari Sharif is Hazrat Tajul Aarfeen Makhdoom Shah Mujeebullah Quadri. This monastery has been named as Khanquah Mujeebia related to his name. This great sufi was born in 1098 A.H.i.e. 1688 A.D. and breathed his last in 1191 A.H. i.e. 1778 A.H. His grave is under a tomb of the garden of Khanquah Mujeebia.

Hazrat Makhdoom Peer Mujeebullah Quadri was an ancient and miraculous personality of Quadria Sect (Silisila). He was also authenticated to other sililas such as Chishtiya, Soharwardis, Firdausia and Naqshbandia etc. and took Baiat of persons in every silsila , gave spiritual education to them and hand over Shajrah of each silsila to them separately. The spiritual followers of Hazrat are spreaded over in and outside the country.

Hazrat Tajul Aarfeen Peer Mujeebullah Quadri received his religious education from his cousin, (son of paternal aunt). His holiness Hazrat Khwaja Emaduddin Qalander Quadri and, there after, going to Varanasi, completed his education under the guidance of eminent scholar and spiritual leader of the time Hazrat Maulana Syed Waris Rasul Numa Banarasi. He got authentic grip over all branches of religious knowledge and contempory education such as philosophy and logic.After getting spiritual training by Hazarat Rasul Numa Banarsi and Hazarat Khwaja Emaduddin Qalander he became their successor and caliph.He surrendered himself in the path of Tariquat to the hands of Hazarat Khwaja Emaduddin Qalander.